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Google Sniper Review

Hi, LD here. I have purchased and used George Brown’s Google Sniper program and this is my own unbiased Google Sniper Review.

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I have been working at online marketing for several years now and have tried several different programs I have purchased. Some of them have been good and some have been not so good. I am sure if you have been in the online marketing game for any time you can relate.

I have seen sites that lead to the thought of Google Sniper being a scam. Just what is a scam in your mind? Is it something that you buy and it doesn’t work, at least for you? I have found that when most people start crying scam over a certain product a question should come to your mind. Is this truly a scam of a product, or is it that this person just could not make it work for them and so they started yelling scam.

As I said I have been working in online marketing for a while now. I have found things that worked and things that did not work for me. But just because it did not work for me did not mean it was a scam product. Most offered illegitimate information that was useful even if I could not seem to get it to work for me.

So it seems that it is not necessarily what information is provided in the product, but how that information is presented most of the time. You may have purchased a product that provides you with everything you need to start earning money online, but if it was presented in a way that you were unable to comprehend or put into action, then it was a purchase that did not help you. Or at least not that much. Does that make the product a scam? I do not thing so. Then I know there are products out there that are truly scams and filled with old and not useful information just in an attempt to pass it off to people and make a little off it. Those are scams. But I do not think it is right or fair to the people that through hard work offer a good product for the money.

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All that said… It is my opinion that George Brown’s Google Sniper product is a well done peace of work. He has put a lot into it. In fact there is a lot of very good information for the price. He covers from the basics to the not so basic with both written instruction as well as video tutorials which explain and show you step by step how and what to do. There are a lot of Google Sniper sites out there today and the owners are ranking high in Google searches from following George’s instructions. Then to be fair I am sure there are those who have not done as well with George’s product. But that is not because it is a bad product or a scam. It could be for any number of reasons. George provides you with the tools needed and the instructions to but them in place, but how the person that bought the product puts it to use is not in George’s control.

So in conclusion of my George Brown’s Google Sniper Review I would have to give it a two  thumbs up. I think it is very well put together and presented. I feel that most people can take the information given in this product with understanding and being able to follow the instructions given to build their own Google Sniper Site. It may take you a few try’s to get a good one and you might do it on the very first one one. That will depend on you.  I will tell you that the very first Google Sniper Site I put together following George Brown’s instructions provide in the Google Sniper product, I ranked on the first page of Google in about 2 days for that key word phrase.

In closing George offers a risk free warranty on the product with a 60 day money back guarantee.  So you decide if you think it is worth it or not.

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Google Sniper


LD Moore


LD here, I Purchased George Brown’s Google Sniper product a while back and thought I would give my review of it here.

I am just getting it set up and formatted now so if your here to check it out please come back. I should have it all up in a short time.

Thank you and I hope you find my review of George Brown’s Google Sniper both interesting and helpful.